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Sports Fields

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High-volume irrigation via the Big Gun® is an ideal solution for sports field irrigation and cooling because time is often of the essence.

Big Guns can be mounted on risers away from the field and people; placed inside large boxes with hydraulic covers away from the field; or easily removed with the Quick Coupling Valve system so that the gun and valve box can be covered when not in use. The Quick Coupling System is beneficial because it keeps sprinklers off of the field where they may cause injuries. A quick twist is all it takes to attach a Big Gun and key to a valve. Connecting the hydraulic assist smoothly opens the valve and starts the flow of water. Disconnecting and moving the gun to the next valve location is just as quick and easy. The system can also be equipped for automated or semi-automated operation to reduce time and labor. Wireless, battery-operated controls can be configured on the QC arrangement to automate watering times or remotely control individual sprinklers. Hard wiring with a standard irrigation controller is an option when there are fewer system constraints.

Sports field Range