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Snap-On Hose Connector Coupling


The Snap-on® Polypipe Connector Coupling is used to make a temporary connection to a permanent installation.

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The Emjay® barbed side is connected to the permanent Microjet® system and the Snap-on® side is ready to be attached temporarily to a hosepipe with Snap-on® connectors attached. This is most commonly used in areas where it is not possible to connected the permanent system directly to the water supply. For example: Where the tap or water supply is one side of a driveway or paved area and there is no way to get a pipe across this area under the paving to the permanent irrigation system on the other side; A piece of hosepipe can be connected to the tap and to the irrigation system by means of this fitting and once the watering is finished it can be disconnected and there will be no pipe lying across the paving. This fitting has a dust & bug cap attached so that when the hosepipe is disconnected the dust/bug cap can be clipped over the open end to stop any dirt or insects getting into the irrigation pipe and causing blockages.

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