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RainBird 3500 Gear Drive Sprinkler



The Rain Bird 3500 Series Rotor is an easy to use short to mid-range 1/2 inch gear-drive rotor. The protected closed-case design makes these sprinklers ideal for creeping grasses, sandy soil and other harsh surroundings. The many safeguards and trouble-free features built into our closed-case rotor sprinklers make them the perfect choice for any home landscape.

Top-adjust arc adjustment 40 – 360 degrees
Adjustable throw distance 19 – 32 ft.
Superior durability plus exceptional watering uniformity


Dual action, positive stop wiper seal protects internals from debris and assures positive pop-up and retraction
Radius adjustment screw allows up to 35 percent radius reduction without changing nozzles
Top-adjust arc adjustment requiring only a flat-blade screwdriver
Water-lubricated gear-drive design for durable, reliable operation
Quick check arc/fast forward
Self-adjusting stator does not require replacement when changing nozzles
Easily removable filter screen
Nozzle removal feature
Arc setting factory preset at 180° for installation convenience
Total satisfaction policy


Precipitation rate: .37 to .72 inches per hour (9 to 18 mm/h)
Radius: 15 to 35 feet (4,6 to 10,7 m)
Radius may be reduced up to 35% with Radius Reduction Screw
Pressure: 25-55 psi (1,7 to 3,8 Bars)
Flow Rate: .54 to 4.6 gpm (,12 to 1,04 m 3/h)
½” NPT female bottom threaded inlet
Reversing Full-and Part-circle adjustment 40° – 360°


Pop-up height shrub: 4″ (10,2 cm)
Overall body height shrub: 6.6″ (16,8 cm)
Exposed surface diameter: 1.16″ (2,9 cm)
Note: Pop-up height measured from cover to center of nozzle. Overall body height is measured popped down




Nozzle Chart

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Additonal Videos

Adjusting the Radius of a 3500

Adjusting the Arc of a 3500

Cleaning the Nozzle

Cleaning the Filter

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3500S, 3504