Mother's Day 

Do something great for the super mom in your life.


Available in 4,6 and 8 phase installation packs.

 Pack includes:

 25mm Ball Valve 
   20mm x 15mm Male Adaptor
 20mm Repair Coupling   6 Station 25mm Manifold Complete
 25 mm Solenoid Valve    7 Core Cable
 4m Radius Pop-up Sprinkler  
   20mm x 25mm Male Adaptor
 15mm x 400mm pvc Riser   
   15mm Sockets
 20mm Elbows    20mm x 15mm Male Elbow
 Shrub Adaptor    4m Adj. Radius Nozzle
 20mm End Caps    20mm Tees
 Plumbers Thread Seal    Waterproof Connectors

Excludes pipe and installation.