Sime Pop-Up Sprinklers


Popup Sports Gun (PSG)

The Sime PSG Pop-Up sprinkler is suitable for large gardens and parks, manufactured with a shock proof outer case and rubber cover.

It utilises Sime's rain gun technology which provide a even water distribution over large areas. For example at 85psi using an 18mm nozzle it has a watering radius of 40m. It can also be used at pressures down to 29psi and has a nozzle range of 6mm to 18mm. Its performance information can be downloaded from the links below.

Manuals & Literature (Click To Download)

Play-Ground Pop-Up

The Sime Play Ground Pop-Up sprinkler is suitable for any sports field, It has a large radius which allows for the pop-up to be installed on the external areas of fields, avoiding injuries to players.

Manuals & Literature (Click To Download)