RKD Pivots

RKD has been involved in the irrigation field since 1962. The technicians and managers at RKD have been able to study, design and manufacture the most suitable irrigation pivot systems. With Controlled Irrigation now as an agent for RKD pivots, it compliments one of our greatest strengths, design and supply of irrigation systems. And with assistance of the RKD design team, we will confidently be able to design and supply pivots systems taking into account every different sites factors’ as well as ,weather conditions, the type of soil and the specific needs for the plants irrigation requirements.
RKD is registered under norm ISO 9001-2000 from year 2003 by BVQI and UKAS.
The experience gained over the last few decades has enabled RKD to design a machine that is the most robust, most efficient and easiest to use of those on the market. As a result of our constant desire to innovate RKD has earned a place among at the leading European irrigation systems manufacturers.