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Contractors and advisers choose Rain Bird spray heads and nozzles more often than all other brands combined.
For some, the reason is a proven track record of performance that spans nearly three decades. Others praise the reliability and durability

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R-VAN Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® Rotary-Variable Arc Nozzle

The World's First Hand-Adjustable Rotary Nozzles 
Rain Bird® R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles provide water efficiency and design flexibility. R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles feature rotating stream technology which uniformly delivers water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion. 
Retrofitting standard spray nozzles with R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles can reduce flow by up to 60% and improve water efficiency by up to 30%. Nozzle spray pattern and distance are easily adjusted by hand with no tools required.

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R-Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® Rotary Nozzles

Rotary Nozzles provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution from 4m to 7.3m.
Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles help reduce water waste and make it easier to design systems.
The Rotary Nozzle is a truly remarkable innovation with a low precipitation rate, highly uniform distribution, and increased radius range, all in a nozzle which fits on a Rain Bird spray head. 

U-Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® U-Series Spray Nozzles

Use 30% Less Water* 
The patented U-Series nozzle is the first plastic nozzle with a second orifice for close-in watering and more uniform water distribution. Its unique patented design cuts watering times, saves water and money, and reduces waste.
U-Series nozzles fit all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters.
Rain Bird U-Series and MPR Spray Head nozzles are color-coded on the top to enhance your productivity.

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MPR-Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® Matched Precipitation Rate Spray Nozzles

Trusted for decades, Rain Bird® MPR Nozzles are installed by more contractors than all other brands combined. MPR Nozzles simplify the design process by allowing sprinklers with various arcs and radii to be mixed on the same circuit while maintaining even water distribution rates. They fit all Rain Bird spray heads and shrub adapters.
Rain Bird U-Series and MPR Spray Head nozzles are now color-coded on the top to enhance your productivity. 


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VAN-Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® Variable Arc Nozzles

Rain Bird® VAN Nozzles can be adjusted to the exact pattern of your lawn, ensuring your landscape will be precisely watered, so you don’t need to worry about it.
They are ideal for odd shaped corners and smaller grassy areas around sidewalks and driveways; they can also be used for watering flowerbeds or shrubs.
A complete line of VAN nozzles is available covering a range from 0.9m to 5.5m.


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SQ-Series Nozzles

Rain Bird® Square Pattern Nozzles
Square Pattern Nozzles (formerly known as XPCN) 
The SQ Series is the most precise and efficient, low-volume spray solution for irrigation of small areas with dense plantings. The SQ Series' square spray pattern and pressure compensation offers increased efficiency and control, reducing overspray, property damage and liability.
Unique edge-to-edge capability reduces the number of nozzles needed, which decreases cost and dramatically reduces installation time. Simplify design and installation with the flexibility of applications: one nozzle throws 0.8m or 1.2 m and can be used on a variety of spray heads and risers. It even meets micro irrigation system requirement for less than 26 gph flow rate at 30 psi. 
SQ Series nozzles provide up to 65% water savings, and are great for narrow planting beds, parking lot islands, walkways, parkways, and street medians

1400-Series Bubbler

Rain Bird® Pressure Compensating Full-Circle Bubbler

Rain Bird 1400 Series pressure compensating full circle bubblers provide a controlled, gentle umbrella of water for irrigating trees, flowers and shrub areas where pressure compensation is required.
Mount these bubblers on 1/2" male risers to effectively water areas from 0.3m to 0.9m'

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