Gromor Fertilizer


Grow More provides a premium blend of high quality ingredients that help build and stimulate the biological activity of your soil. Grow More nutrients aid in the natural conditioning of soil by fostering microbial activity. The presence of certain bacteria is a requirement of vigorous soil. These microbes operate on the organic matter in the soil and produce a release of plant nutrients.

Gromor Accelerator:

Pelleted organic fertilizer pellets with composted poultry manure.
Manure is often referred to as nature’s “slow release fertilizer”, a property that is enhanced by the Pelleting process.

GROMOR ACCELERATOR feeds both the plant and the soil food web to stimulate plant growth and enhance soil health.

The heat generated in composting and during the Pelleting process, ensures pasteurisation of pathogens and sterilisation of weed seeds.  Being a balanced organic fertilizer, GROMOR ACCELERATOR is suitable for all plants including lawns, shrubs, trees, vegetables and flower beds as well as field crops.

Gromor 2:3:2 (22)

A general-purpose fertilizer that can be used in planting and top dressing of vegetables and fruit trees. Please stick to application rates to avoid burning the plants. 
Use in early spring and summer. Spread evenly.

Application Rate

Apply Gromor 2:3:2 (14) at 60 grams per square metre to soil before planting (1 handful weighs ±50g)

Gromor Superphosphate 10,5%.

It is used for roots and seedlings. Phosphate is essential for growing plants and should be used at planting. Please stick to recommended application rates. 
It can also be spread in the garden once a year to improve root health.

Application Rate

Apply a basal dressing of 60 grams per square meter when preparing new areas for planting. (1 handful weighs approx. 50g)

Gromor 5:1:5 (28) 

A very good all round fertilizer. You can use it on flowers, vegetables, shrubs and lawn. Our suggested use is for Roses, Flowers and Vegetables. Apply at 50g per square meter. It is also very often the product of choice for top dressing Roses. Scatter around the root zone and not only up against the Rose plant. This way you will prevent burning the plant or roots.

Application Rate

Apply Gromor 5.1.5 (28) at 50 grams per square meter. Apply in spring and autumn during the growing season.