6504/8005 Gear Driven Rotors

Falcon 6504 Rotor and RainBird 8005 Rotor

Falcon® 6504 Rotors

Full- or Part-Circle Rotor Pop-Up Sprinklers
With the Falcon 6504 rotor, you can have it all -- uncompromising performance, superior distribution, reliability and durability.
Rain Curtain™ nozzles maximize performance and coverage. A multi-function wiper seal and tapered riser keep the stem clear of debris, providing long-term protection. Plus, heavy-duty construction makes the Falcon 6504 one of the toughest rotors in the field.
Available in full- and part-circle models with optional stainless steel riser, the Falcon 6504 is ideal for large turf sites such as parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, schools and commercial sites with spacing up to 19,8 m. 


SAM check device holds up to 3,1 m of elevation change
Rain Curtain nozzles:
  • 04-black
  • 06-light blue
  • 08-dark green
  • 10-grey
  • 12-beige
  • 14-light green
  • 16-dark brown
  • 18-dark blue
Nozzle outlet trajectory is 25°

Rain Bird® 8005 Rotors

Full- or Part-Circle Rotor Pop-Up Sprinklers

The Rain Bird® 8005 Rotor is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions and vandalism present in commercial rotor applications.
It has been designed and tested to ensure the high reliability demanded by the market today. With its extensive customer identified features, it is versatile enough to fit all applications.
The Rain Bird® 8005 Rotor, with its extensive customer identified features and 80 foot radius, is ideal for watering sports fields, parks and other large turf applications.


Note: Flow ranges of 7005 and 8005 are combined into 8005 rotor.
SAM check device holds up to 3.1 m of head.
Nozzle outlet trajectory is 25º.
Rain Curtain™ Nozzles:
  • 04 - black
  • 06 - light blue
  • 08 - dark green
  • 10 - grey
  • 12 - beige
  • 14 - light green
  • 16 - dark brown
  • 18 - dark blue
  • 20 - red
  • 22 - yellow
  • 24 - orange
  • 26 - white